Thursday, 23 October 2014

Duvet days and tea


If you're reading this then it means that you stumbled onto my blog...somehow! So hey, thank you!

I'm writing this sat in bed with a nice cup of tea wrapped up in a double duvet (no regrets!) and so I thought this was a perfect time to write my first blog post. If you didn't know already, I wanted to start this blog to talk about things which I WISH someone had told me. So, I'll just get right to it.

Duvet days duvet days duvet days. If you're in school, college, university or work you know how precious time in bed is. In order to fully enjoy a duvet day you've gotta do it right which means PJ's, a movie/TV show, a hot drink of your choice and NO STRESS. I've had my fair share of guilty duvet days and sure you all have too. You know, when you procrastinate the whole day away watching a series on Netflix when you know that you have an essay to complete? It sucks and you can't even enjoy the perfection of the duvet day because you can't help but feel guilty.

If I can give any advice here, it's to allow yourself to relax. The best way, I find, is to do ALL my work when I get it. Sounds like a huge amount of effort but when you get to the day and realise you have absolutely nothing to do it is PERFECTION. If you can do this, then that's great. However, I know a lot of people (including myself) just can't all of the time. So, here's my second recommendation. Write down a list of everything you have to do; even if it's simply something like "organise coursework folder". Fold this piece of paper in half and put it somewhere you'll remember. Then, get into your comfy clothes and relax. Chances are, you're hugely stressed out and your body needs a chance to breathe. I know what if feels like to want to punch a wall because the anxiety about everything feels like it's going to errupt out of you but I promise this helped me.

Then, the next day, wake up, have a nice shower, do your makeup if it makes you feel good (ignore this step if you're a guy or a girl who doesn't enjoy wearing makeup, which is absolutely cool), get into some nice clothes and if you have a desk, sit at it. I know that it's tempting to sit in bed again but I find that this puts me into duvet day mode.

Anyway, get out your list that you wrote yesterday and get down to it. Remember to keep drinking and reward yourself with short breaks and yummy snacks. Once you're done with your list, you'll know that absolutely everything you needed to do is done and I can't even explain how good that feels.

So, that's my little snippet of advice that I wish that I had been given. Have a fab day and I hope that this helped someone.

Abby x